Karen - Lead Vocals, Tambourinista
Pat - Guitar, Vocals
Ken - Irish Drum and Percussion
Katie - Violin, Mandolin, Vocals
Ryan - Bass, Vocals
Mark - Whistle, Concertina, Irish B/C Buttonbox




I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I started in school choir at age 9 and continued singing through age 17 adding performances with various small ensembles, county choirs and solos. After a singing hiatus during college I was inspired to start singing again when some friends asked me to sing at their wedding. Shortly after my return to singing I met up with Pat and begin expanding my singing repertoire with Irish music. In addition to English, I have performed songs in Latin, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew and – since joining FinTan in 2002 – Gaelic.


I started playing clarinet and saxophone in 4th grade and continued playing in bands, orchestras and jazz combos until college. After a short hiatus from music performance, I took up guitar in the late 80’s. Hanging out with a group of singer-songwriter’s I learned about guitar playing and studio recording. I got involved in Irish music in the early nineties and played on and off with Phil Reed whenever our paths crossed and we could find the time. Forming a local music project known as “Eccentric” some friends and artists (Keith Lewis, Rick Smith and I) recorded two albums. The self-titled “Eccentric” album recorded in 1992 was a compilation project with five artists recording their own work (something like modern folk). In 1996 Eccentric returned with their second album “Standing Alone” - a mixture of Irish music and some Irish styled songs written by Lewis/Smith/Savelli. Although the Eccentric project was put on hold when Keith Lewis moved to the East coast, I continued learning new Irish tunes and playing where and when I could. In 2001, I started playing Irish music with Karen Wohlafka and rest is FinTan history.

I love Irish music in just about all of its forms. Among my favorites are The Old Blind Dogs, The Tannahill Weavers, Christy Moore, Planxty, Tempest, Gaelic Storm, The Elders, Dougie McLean, Loreena McKennitt, Stan Rogers, Silly Wizard and the Glengarry Bhoys.

Since the band formed I’ve been fortunate to meet some great folks in other bands in and around the area. Homeland and Roger Drawdy and the Firestarters are chief among all the great folks I’ve met since putting FinTan together (you can jump to their pages from our Web Links page).


I parlayed childhood piano and cello lessons and a life-long love of percussion, combined with a fascination of my Scottish ancestry, into a new musical avocation as a traditional Irish drummer. I met up with Pat around 1990 and the two of us started sporadically playing folk music together over the years. When I finally moved to the same town as Pat, playing music together on a more formal basis was a natural next step. In addition to playing the traditional Irish drum, the bodhran, I also sing and play a host of other percussion instruments including wood blocks, various shakers, tambourines and the world famous vibra-slap.


Classically trained on viola from the age of ten, I have performed with a number of area Symphony Orchestras including the Wright State Community Orchestra and the Kentucky Symphony. I dove into Celtic fiddle in 1998, and perform annually with Celtic Aire in the Pioneer Days festival at Gov. Bebb Park outside Hamilton. I joined FinTan in 2003, first performing with them to open the St. Patrick's Day 2003 celebrations at the Dublin Pub. Since then I've added my own flair to FinTan’s sound with energetic jigs and reels as well as expanding the arrangements on numerous traditional pieces.


I grew up surrounded by music; there wasn't a day in my childhood that could be found without the sound of music filling my home. I began singing harmonies with my father and brother around the age of five and received both my first guitar anset of drums within the two years that followed. By the age of sixteen I would often spend eight hours a day playing guitar and writing. I had committed to a life-long love affair with music from which there would be no turning back. Better than two decades later, I've written more than 200 songs, written a countless amount of both lyrics and poetry, released two EPs, one of which garnered attention quite literally around the world, co-wrote and recorded a full length cinematic score, was chosen in 2011 to perform at a tribute in New York to the late Jeff Buckley and still continue to pursue a singer-songwriter career. I met Bryan when a mutual friend introduced us in 2010 - I was looking for someone to record a string section for a project I was working on. When it occurred to me that he was the fiddle player for FinTan, I was elated and messaged him that very same night we met telling him if FinTan ever found themselves in need of another musician to bring into the fold, I was their guy. As fate would have it, not six months later FinTan found themselves in need of a bass player, and here I am.



Mark Reinemann joined FinTan in 2008 with a lavish and varied musical history including piano, guitar, tenor voice, street musician, and even a bell choir director. While playing whistle as a member of both the Pioneer Village Dulcimer Society and The Dedication Band, he began studying the roots of Appalachian music, discovered the Irish connection, and followed his love of this traditional sound right into the Celtic music scene.  Since joining FinTan, he has added the English Concertina, B/C Irish Buttonbox and the Guinness bottle to his instrument list. 

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